Author: Hunter


The site moves :>

Please update your links 🙂

Here is the new address:

Icons – Ghost

Here are some of my favorite band Ghost icons for you to use :3

Art: Sister

Since I remember, I liked creepy dolls. They have been with me most of my life. Here is my take on them!


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Art: Black Thread

Here is my drawing of a character from my original novel! His name is Black Thread and he is a dark magician.

Anakin Skywalker avatars

I bring you few Anakin Skywalker avatars, for all who wants a little of 00s Star Wars goodies :>

Art: Johanna Harkonnen

Here is first art on this website!

This lady is my original fan-character from Dune, Johanna Harkonnen. From a veeery old fic I wrote years ago.

Darth Maul avatars

Here I go with new upload! I hope there are some Sith lovers among my visitors :>

Avatars: Star Wars – Darth Maul


Hello, dear visitors! I just opened the door to my new graphic and art site! Enjoy your stay and here are newest goods I uploaded for the start.

Avatars: Star Wars – Obi-Wan Kenobi (you can see them also on avatars section!).